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A taste of Hong Kong comes to Shrewsbury

A new restaurant that brings a taste of Hong Kong to Shrewsbury has opened in the heart of the town centre.

HongKonger is now open on Fish Street in Shrewsbury

The HongKonger restaurant has opened on Fish Street in Shrewsbury.

Kai Wong, one of three partners in charge of the new restaurant, said it will offer visitors an authentic Hong Kong cuisine and dining experience.

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He said: “In Shrewsbury, we can’t wait to see the folks sharing food on their tables in our restaurant, like we do.

“Imagine, a table for six. Six dishes, family or friends all having a taste of every dish, what an enjoyable meal.

“Sweet, salty, sour and spicy. How to have them balanced or fine customised with several dishes on the table. It’s the art of our food-sharing culture and, perhaps, a little challenge for local customers.

“As to the food itself, persisting in serving authentic and original taste is our primary goal.

“It’s been a long journey from leaving Hong Kong to settling down in Shrewsbury. Operating a restaurant and introducing our culture here will be another one, but we are ready.”

The premises have been fully refurbished

Arranged over two floors with an attractive glazed frontage and an external seating area, the property now home to the HongKonger restaurant occupies a highly sought-after location.

The restaurant has been fully refurbished and upgraded to provide approximately 90 covers to the main ground floor seating area and includes a bar.

Toby Shaw, who handled the letting for TSR, said: “It’s always nice to attract new businesses to Shrewsbury and the HongKonger restaurant is another very exciting addition to the town centre.

“It’s well located and occupies attractive premises in Fish Street. We wish the restaurant every success.”

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