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New local whisky is a cut above the rest

The makers of Wardington’s Original Ludlow Gin have launched something very special for whisky lovers.

Wardington’s Original Ludlow Whisky
Wardington’s Original Ludlow Whisky

Today sees the launch of Wardington’s Original Ludlow Whisky; aptly named the Distiller’s Cut 1st Edition.

Finely crafted in what is believed to be the smallest commercial whisky distillery in the UK, the production also involves an unusual wood-fired German column still, the only one in the British Isles.

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Wardington’s Original Ludlow Whisky is true small batch production. Just 400 bottles of this English single malt have been made.  What’s more, with half of those already pre-ordered by the trade, you’ll need to be quick to get your hands on one.

When you do, then you’ll see the same obsessive attention to detail has gone into its creation, as the brand’s well-known gin.  Every bottle is adorned with a beautiful, tactile letter press label, before being hand signed and numbered, so you know exactly which of the 400 bottles you have.

Master distiller Shaun Ward said: “We are a little bit obsessive.  Ludlow Whisky is the ultimate Slow Food and it’s made with an incredible amount of care and love. The Distiller’s Cut, First Edition is all about handcrafted excellence.”

So, what about the whisky itself? Having struck up a friendship with master craft distiller Mike Hardingham in 2018, the two have worked together to create the ultimate dram and the launch of Wardington’s Original Ludlow Whisky.

The new whisky combines the finest English malt with the finest Scottish peated malt.  As Shaun comments: “It’s simple, to make the best single malt whisky, you must start with the finest ingredients.”

They then worked with master brewer Jimmy Swan to develop a unique process that gives the fullest flavour. Made in small batches, a longer fermentation ensures maximum flavour.

At the heart of the distillation is their unique wood-fired 200l German column still. Precisely controlled, the four copper plates gently quadruple-distil. The result is a refined spirit bursting with barley flavour.

The whisky is then carefully poured into an American single-use, ex-bourbon barrel. It’s here that the spirit adopts its gentle oaky flavour.  After some time, it’s transferred into a previously used single malt Scottish whisky barrel for finishing which softens the oaky bourbon notes. 

Only when it’s perfect do they gently water it down with purified water from the Welsh marches, then gently non-chill filter to a hearty house strength of 42%. The result is an exemplary medium-bodied whisky with fragrant notes of heather-honey, malt, a subtle hint of butterscotch and crème caramel, balanced with a touch of peat.

Wardington’s first release English Single Malt: Distiller’s Cut goes on sale online, at 10.30am on 26 November and is limited to two bottles per household.  It will also be on-sale the same day at selected retailers.

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