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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Telford’s favourite sausage is set to be revealed

A competition to find the perfect ‘Telford Sausage’ will be the centrepiece of a week-long celebration which kicks off on Monday.

Celebrating sausages – Kay Badley, butchery director at G.N. Badley & Sons
Celebrating sausages – Kay Badley, butchery director at G.N. Badley & Sons

Telford Sausage Week, from October 18-24, is being run by Trench-based independent butcher G.N. Badley & Sons, in association with a number of other town organisations.

It includes a challenge to find the most popular Telford Sausage recipe, with the top three choices being put to the taste test – and the winner hopefully finding its way onto many local menus.

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Nominations have been coming in over the past month, and the three favourite recipes will be revealed during the course of the week.

Each sausage will then be cooked up and put to a public taste test outside Meeting Point House in Southwater, in Telford town centre, from 10.30am on Saturday October 23.

Simon Badley, managing director of G.N. Badley & Sons, said: “The great British sausage has never been more popular – and that’s partly because there have never been so many different recipes for sale.

“We want to offer customers something fresh and different, with a distinctively different flavour, for Telford Sausage Week – and that’s why we laid down the challenge to come up with an exciting new recipe.

“The question was: If we were to say to you, create the quintessential Telford sausage, what would it contain?

“We’ve had so many suggestions, from the no-nonsense traditional to the downright outrageous. The three most popular choices will be unveiled over the course of Telford Sausage Week.”

Simon added: “Some meats come in and out of fashion, but this is not the case with the great British sausage. They’re a staple of the British household diet, and demand for more and more gourmet flavoured sausage continues to grow.

“We can’t wait to see what the public chooses as the quintessential Telford Sausage. We’d love as many people as possible to come along to Southwater on the morning of October 23 and help us to decide.”

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