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FoodUx are experts in outdoor cooking

For anyone who loves to cook outdoors, FoodUx offers expert advice on outdoor cooking and an amazing range of Kamado Joe grills.

FoodUx, an abbreviation of food user experience, is the name behind a new outdoor cooking business based just outside Oswestry.

The concept behind the name is to encourage people to think differently about their food, not just where it comes from, but to experiment with flavour and techniques in food preparation and cooking.

This last year has seen more of us preparing and cooking more adventurous food. With many food outlets closed, restaurants switched to takeaway menus, to part prepared food and to complete meal kits to cook from scratch. The knock on effect from that is that we are all prepared to try more from scratch. Luxury online food and online butchery sales soared during lockdown but high street butchers saw a huge increase in sales too.

Our way of mixing with friends, although things are improving, has changed, probably for the foreseeable future. More people are entertaining at home and looking for new ways to cook and new flavours.

Jon Pither, from FoodUx, explained why he started the business: “I have been cooking outside for decades on wood and charcoal and have smokers, tandoors, open grills, kettle grills an Argentinian grill and now it has all been made redundant by the Kamado Joe we bought a couple of years ago and we have decided to turn our passion into our new business.”

New business

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Step forward the Kamado Joe range of ceramic grills. Many will be familiar with the characteristic shape, colour and iconic design and perhaps the name but cooking on a Kamado Joe Grill is not only easy and forgiving but also imparts incredible flavour.

Traditionally we associate the word BBQ with an open charcoal grill, a sunny day and meeting up with friends. That is what we should call grilling, using the direct heat from the coals to sear whatever we are cooking BBQ technically is cooking low and slow over a wood or charcoal fire to impart greater flavour. Kamado cooking imparts both of these qualities to impart an incredible depth of flavour.

Kamado literally translates as cooking stove or range. They date from over 2000 years ago, originating in China and were literally a woodfired bowl into which a clay cooking vessel was lowered or skewered meat was placed or hung for cooking.

Kamado Joe grills are all about versatility. There’s no need to buy multiple cooking devices because you can grill, smoke, roast, sear or bake all on the same grill. These grills have the most delicious BBQ flavour, and best of all they’re easy to use. Kamado Joe grills have a simplistic design that has stood the test of time for more than 2000 years. It’s all in the ceramics.

Benefits of a Kamado Joe Grill

The benefits of a Kamado Joe Grill include:

• Heat Retention. Ceramic provides such strong insulation that almost all of a kamado’s heat is captured and used to cook your food before exiting the grill
• Even, Steady Heat
• Fuel Efficiency
• Versatile Cooking
• Less Moisture Loss
• Long-Lasting
• Easy to Clean
• Incredible Flavour

Whilst a Kamado Joe on first glance may not seem cheap, after weighing up the competitors and alternatives, the quality of the build and the included components is apparent and looked after well will last a lifetime. You want the best car you can afford, the best holiday you can afford, you want the best house you can afford – so why not the best grill you can afford.

Jon Pither, from FoodUx: “Customers often say that they don’t cook outside or BBQ that often, the reason for that is that it is often the grill that is the problem. An open grill can be so fierce with very little in the way of control. Trust me if you have a Kamado Joe, you will cook more outside than you will inside. Even in the winter!”

The Kamado Joe range

The Kamado Joe Jr is ideal for smaller families, those who want to try out Kamado Cooking before taking the plunge.

The Kamado Classic range is the ideal grill for the family who entertain occasionally, with the divide and conquer system, stainless steel cooking surfaces, heat deflectors and smoking attachment included represent outstanding value.

For larger groups or restaurants there is the Big Joe.

Every carnivore will be aware of the luscious, moist and deeply flavoured slow cooked BBQ brisket, this kind of cooking with restaurant grade outcomes is now possible with the precise control of the Kamado Joe.

Find out more about the kamado Joe range

The FoodUx website has more information including guidance, tips, tricks, hacks and some great outdoor recipes to try.

Along with the range of grills, you will also see a range of attachments and additional cooking surfaces.

Visit: www.foodux.co.uk

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