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Six year old, Millie, inspires new Waitrose gingerbread novelty biscuit

Market Drayton based Original Biscuit Bakers have helped make a six year old girl’s dream come true by producing a new Unicorn themed gingerbread biscuit for Waitrose.

Millie Horbunowicz with Millie the Unicorn Gingerbread Biscuit
Millie Horbunowicz with Millie the Unicorn Gingerbread Biscuit

The new gingerbread biscuit, ‘Millie the Unicorn’,  launched by Waitrose, has been named after six year old  Millie Horbunowicz who wrote to the baker at Waitrose requesting a unicorn shaped biscuit, after being disappointed when she couldn’t find her favourite mythical creature among the dinosaurs and dragons when visiting the shop with her Aunt.

Waitrose quickly responded, and working in partnership with artisan biscuit supplier, Original Biscuit Bakers, produced a brand new novelty biscuit – shaped and decorated as a unicorn. It was decided by the Original Biscuit Bakers, that the new line should be named, Millie, after the little girl’s request to have a unicorn biscuit.

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The new biscuit, which was commissioned by Waitrose in November 2020, was designed, created and decorated at Original Biscuit Bakers in Market Drayton and has just launched , available in over 240 Waitrose shops, nationwide.

In response to tasting the new unicorn biscuit that has been named after her, Mille Horbunowicz, said:

“I really, really like the biscuit, because it has my favourite unicorn colours and it’s named after me. The colouring, gold unicorn feet and head horn are just perfect and it was delicious, I give it 11 out of 10!  I really like unicorns; If I was a biscuit, I would be a unicorn.”

Sales and Marketing Director of Original Biscuit Bakers, Sarah Hopcroft, said:

“We were delighted to be approached by Waitrose to help develop a unicorn biscuit to make Millie’s dream come true. We wanted to name the biscuit after Millie in recognition of her initiative to ask Waitrose to develop a new gingerbread product. We are extremely pleased to hear that Millie has given the unicorn biscuit  11 out of 10!”

Phillippa Bortoli, Waitrose Bakery Buyer said: “When we received Millie’s letter, we really wanted to help make her wish a reality – particularly as it’s been such a difficult time for lots of children and we thought this would be a lovely way to spread a little kindness.  

“Her feedback was really valued and her idea was so playful and fun – we are absolutely thrilled to be able to take Millie’s idea on board and create this colourful gingerbread unicorn which we are sure all our other customers will love too.” 

Val Shepherd (Millie’s Aunt) said: “It’s amazing to see how Millie’s initial letter sent to the Waitrose Baker has been received so enthusiastically, developing into a new Unicorn biscuit, now on sale in over 240 Waitrose shops through England!

“Millie is a delight to be with; she has a very enquiring mind, so any time spent with her is enlightening.  It’s so lovely to see a little girl’s ideas being listened to by a large supermarket! Well done Millie, we are all so proud of you!”

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