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Shropshire Vineyard launches special edition white wine

A Shropshire vineyard on the Powys border has launched a new special edition white wine made using red grapes.

Owner Russell Cooke with the new special edition wine
Owner Russell Cooke with the new special edition wine

Kerry Vale Vineyard, near Montgomery, loves to challenge convention and they’re excited to launch their new white wine called ‘Illusion’ made using only red grapes.

When asked how the white wine was made, Vineyard Owner Russell Cooke commented “All grape juice is white, it’s the skins of red grapes that contain the dark pigment. If the juice is separated from skins after being pressed, it remains white. Only by leaving juice in contact with red skins during fermentation does it become dark”.

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When making their aptly named ‘Illusion’ wine, rather than extracting flavours and colours from the red grape skins, Kerry Vale Vineyard decided to limit contact with the skins, resulting in a really interesting and delicious white wine.

Russell went on to say “Making white wine from red grapes is not as unusual as people might think. In fact, most of the traditional Champagnes are made this way – using both red and white grapes”.

The Rondo grapes used to create ‘Illusion’ make up a third of Kerry Vale Vineyards crop and are an incredibly versatile grape. They can be transformed to create not just red wine, but white, rosé, and sparkling wine. It is the winemaking methods and the production processes that determine the little red grapes fate.

This new wine has a complex, bold and rich texture. Grapes have been pressed gently to avoid skin contact, which gives it beautiful red-fruit notes, minus the colour and tannins creating a very palatable easy drinking white wine.

Vineyard owner Russell commented: “This is an exciting new product and a very welcome addition to the Kerry Vale range.”

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