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A Marmalade hoverfly one of the common pollinators found at Old Oswestry and the Cambrian Railway orchard. Photo: Will Hawkes

Buzzy day planned at Oswestry green heritage sites

Wildlife experts will be revealing the fascinating world of bees and other pollinators at a family-friendly discovery day on the Wales/Shropshire border later this month.
Experts discuss specimens at the Hillfort BioBlitz. Photo: Neil Phillips

Rare finds revealed by Oswestry hillfort wildlife survey

A landmark survey has revealed that Old Oswestry hillfort is a magnet for wildlife, including species rarely seen or declining in Shropshire.
Wildlife hunting enjoyed by young & old at the Old Oswestry BioBlitz. Photo: Diana Baur

Naturalists and volunteers explore Old Oswestry hillfort’s wild side

Old Oswestry hillfort has seen naturalists and volunteers scaling its lush slopes on the hunt for wildlife as part of a landmark survey.
Julia Tinker

Shropshire ‘plant whisperer’ aims to boost county’s bee and butterfly numbers

Shropshire ‘plant whisperer’ Julia Tinker aims to boost Shropshire's bee and butterfly numbers by growing and selling plants that will attract them.
A small tortoiseshell Eurasian butterfly photographed at Old Oswestry Hillfort. Photo: Graham Mitchell

Wildlife survey will take snapshot of Oswestry hillfort’s precious ecology

A wildlife survey will this Saturday take a snapshot of Oswestry hillfort’s precious ecology during an 18-hour mega session of bug-watching and plant-spotting.

Shropshire badger vaccination programme “a resounding success”

Shropshire Badger Group have described as “a resounding success” their first full year of offering free badger vaccinations against bovine tuberculosis (bTB) to farmers and landowners around the county.

Shropshire photographer making wildlife film for school children

A collaboration between a photographer and a wildlife artist is set to benefit many young people in Shropshire through an inspirational wildlife film.

Shropshire wildlife enthusiast discovers unusual otter behaviour

Wildlife enthusiast Ted Barber recently became aware that something was stealing fish from his pond. He erected night-time surveillance cameras in hopes of catching the mystery thief red-handed.

The Badger Cull: It Isn’t Black and White

Few issues this year have ignited such passionate debate as the badger cull. The government plan to remove a minimum of 70% of badgers in selected pilot culls, has been touted as a last resort in the fight against bovine tuberculosis (TB).

Shrewsbury man arrested for keeping twenty seven birds of prey captive

A Shrewsbury man was arrested today during an operation involving West Mercia Police, the RSPCA and officers from the National Wildlife Crime Unit.


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