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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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The Shropshire Distillery

The Shropshire Distillery Celebrates Growth with Exciting Relocation in Ellesmere

The Shropshire Distillery is hosting an open day on Sunday 12th November following a relocation to the bustling centre of Ellesmere.

The Shropshire Distillery Pinpoints Cocktail Trend

Ellesmere’s small-batch distillery has identified a growing trend with cocktails in the local drinks sector.

The Shropshire Distillery expands range with new releases

Ellesmere’s small batch distillery has had a change of spirit launching their first ever vodka, plus a new grapefruit and hop gin.

The Shropshire Distillery launch two new liqueurs

The Shropshire Distillery have launched two products under their new range of ‘After Noon’ liqueurs.

Shropshire businesses collaborate to launch new handcrafted gin

Two Shropshire artisan businesses from different ends of the county have collaborated to launch new hoppy gin.

Business collaboration produces North Shropshire’s first ‘Foraged Gin’

James Sherwin of Wild Shropshire Restaurant and the Shropshire Distillery, have formed a new collaborative venture to innovate and produce North Shropshire’s first foraged Gins.
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