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Man jailed after breeding and selling puppies without licence in Shropshire

A Wrexham man has been sent to prison for 18 weeks and banned from keeping dogs for his part in an illegal dog breeding business in Shropshire.

Duck cruelly shot through the head with crossbow bolt in Telford

A mallard duck has survived a horrifying attack after being shot with what appears to be a crossbow bolt which has been left lodged in the bird’s head.

Shropshire dog breeder sent back to prison after losing sentencing appeal

A Shropshire woman has been sent back to prison after losing her appeal against a 22-week custodial sentence for running an illegal dog breeding business.

Fox rescued after falling into water storage tank near Telford

A young fox escaped serious injury after plunging around eight feet into an empty water storage tank near Telford.

Shropshire bucks trend in rehoming animals

The RSPCA has launched its annual Adoptober campaign encouraging prospective pet owners to consider giving a rescued animal a new home.

More than 450 reports of abandoned animals made to RSPCA last year in Shropshire

The RSPCA has revealed it received more than 100 reports of animals being abandoned every single day throughout 2021.

Telford couple who illegally sold puppies ordered to repay over £21,000

A couple who conspired to fraudulently sell puppies to members of the public have been ordered to pay back over £21,000 to their victims.

Telford man and woman banned from keeping animals

A man and woman from Telford have been disqualified from keeping all animals after failing to keep 18 dogs in a suitable environment.
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