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Quarry Swimming Pool

Campaigner says Quarry Pool delays are a major setback

Local campaigner Alex Wagner says that delays to repairs at Shrewsbury's main Quarry Pool mean it will have been closed for over a year by the time issues are fixed.

Shropshire Council agrees on Quarry pool reopening plan

A £400,000 programme of works is to be carried out to allow the main pool at The Quarry Swimming and Fitness Centre in Shrewsbury to reopen.

Town Centre residents rally over council’s indefinite closure of Quarry pool

Shrewsbury town centre residents are rallying after Shropshire Council failed to give a timescale for re-opening the Quarry pool, over two months since its closure in July for roofing repairs.

New proposals for future swimming provision in Shrewsbury

Shropshire Council’s Cabinet will next week be asked to agree that a new emerging preferred option for future swimming provision in Shrewsbury be explored in more detail.

Work underway to safely reopen Shrewsbury’s Quarry Swimming Pool

Shropshire Council says it is working hard with partners to find a way for the Quarry Swimming Pool in Shrewsbury town centre to be reopened safely.

Shrewsbury’s Quarry Swimming and Fitness Centre remains closed following storm damage

Shrewsbury's Quarry Swimming and Fitness Centre will remain closed for at least a week following damage caused by storm Ciara.

Shrewsbury’s Quarry Pool looks set to be rebuilt at current site

Shrewsbury's Quarry Pool looks set to be demolished and rebuilt at its current site, councillors will be asked to progress the proposals next week.

Shrewsbury’s Quarry Pool reopens today

Shrewsbury's Quarry Swimming Pool reopens today after a glass panel at the side of the pool shattered and glass went into the water forcing it to close.
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