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Charles Darwin

Shrewsbury birthplace of Charles Darwin secured by cyber tech entrepreneur

A cyber tech security entrepreneur and philanthropist has stepped in to save the historical birthplace and childhood home of Charles Darwin in Shrewsbury.

Darwin design challenge launched for Shropshire’s youth

Shropshire’s creative young people have been challenged to let their imaginations run free and design a striking emblem to celebrate Charles Darwin.

Darwin Festival proving to be a success

Organisers of the DarwIN Shrewsbury Festival, which hosts a variety of events to celebrate the town’s most famous son, have hailed the festival a success so far.

DarwIN Shrewsbury Festival kicks off with explosion of independent thinking

The DarwIN Shrewsbury Festival kicked off yesterday with an explosion of independent thinking with the Finals of the first ever Shropshire Young Thinkers’ Competition.

Wyle Cop transforms into ‘Wild Cop’ as part of DarwIN Shrewsbury Festival

As part of the DarwIN Shrewsbury Festival, Shrewsbury Business Improvement District has created Shrewsbury’s very own Wildlife Reserve, transforming Wyle Cop into ‘Wild Cop’!

Darwin celebrations set to get Shrewsbury thinking

Shrewsbury will be celebrating its famous son’s birthday next month, with an exciting schedule of fun and interactive events.

Young Charles Darwin walking tours to launch in Shrewsbury

It was an unusual morning at Peakes Travel Elite on Mardol in Shrewsbury recently.
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