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Shrewsbury councillors visit Monkmoor Sewage Treatment Plant

Shrewsbury councillors Alex Wagner and David Vasmer have met with Severn Trent ‘River Rangers’ at Monkmoor Sewage Treatment Plant, to tour the facility and learn more about combined sewage outlets into the Severn.

Campaigner says Quarry Pool delays are a major setback

Local campaigner Alex Wagner says that delays to repairs at Shrewsbury's main Quarry Pool mean it will have been closed for over a year by the time issues are fixed.

High water and flooding a ‘smelly reminder’ of the state of the Severn

As Shrewsbury heads into flooding season, local councillor Alex Wagner says that high water is a ‘smelly reminder’ of sewage dumping on our doorstep.

Call to share Shrewsbury Hospital bus experiences ahead of Arriva meeting

Ahead of a meeting with Arriva buses over the No. 11 service to Royal Shrewsbury next week, local campaigner Alex Wagner is urging residents to contact him and share their experiences of using the route.

Shrewsbury councillor complains to Arriva over hospital bus cancellations

A councillor representing Royal Shrewsbury Hospital has lodged a complaint with Arriva buses over their failure to run services for hours at a time, leaving residents stranded.

Shrewsbury Councillor wades into Severn to test river quality

Shrewsbury Councillor Alex Wagner has waded into the River Severn at Castlefields in order to test river quality.

Lib Dems ready to fight for Shrewsbury and Atcham at next General Election

The Liberal Democrats have selected local councillor and NHS campaigner Alex Wagner to stand for Shrewsbury and Atcham at the next General Election.

Councillor sets out three-point plan to fix ‘broken’ set-up on Gains Park Way in Shrewsbury

Councillor for Bowbrook & Bicton Heath Alex Wagner has set out a three-point plan to fix the broken traffic set-up on Gains Park Way – which will see 16% more traffic if the North West Road is built.
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