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Trophy time for Shropshire Ladies Winter Doubles League winners

The divisional winners received their trophies as the annual Shropshire Ladies Winter Doubles League held its presentation evening at The Shrewsbury Club.

Division Two winners Mig Jones and Jane Brown
Division Two winners Mig Jones and Jane Brown

The popular tennis competition, organised by Merill Holt, featured six divisions this time with a host of matches played around the county during the winter months.

Reflecting on the continued success of the Winter League, Tennis Shropshire chair Fiona Jones said: “It’s been very well run by Merill Holt for a number of years and it was great to have six divisions this year.

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“The league gives women the opportunity to carry on playing competitive tennis throughout the winter months between September and March.

“Matches are played home or away around the county and it’s nice that so many players and so many clubs support the league.

“It’s very popular, it’s very sociable, and we are very grateful that Merill puts in so much effort into running it.”

Fiona Edwards and Karen Sullivan were this year’s division one winners.

The presentation evening also included a short tennis competition, played in the Cathie Sabin Community Tennis Centre, and organised by Simon Haddleton. Nine doubles pairs took part, with Debbie Jones and Teresa Thomas emerging as winners.

Shropshire Ladies Winter Doubles League winners and runners-up

Division One winners: Fiona Edwards and Karen Sullivan; runners-up: Fiona Jones and Amanda Williams.

Division Two winners: Jane Brown and Mig Jones; runners-up: Jay Cheung and Alison Perry.

Division Three winners: Jill Gwilt and Merill Holt; runners-up: Jo Fotheringham and Kate Phillips.

Division Four winners: Celia Toogood and Helen Stuart; runners-up: Julia Turner and Catherine Moss.

Division Five winners: Krista Hainsworth and Sue Vaggers; runners-up: Alyson Haywood and Therese Dunphy.

Division Six winners: Louise Heath and Jenny Davies; runners-up: Nicola Hey and Tatiana Ten.

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