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Former Shrewsbury Town striker urges Sam Ricketts to keep believing in his philosophy

Former Shrewsbury Town striker Dean Edwards has urged Sam Ricketts to not abandon his principles in the face of supporter unrest.

Shrewsbury Town’s 3-3 draw against Swindon angered supporters who took to social media to vent their frustration.

The first home league win of the campaign continues to elude Sam Ricketts – who has come under a mountain of pressure, after overseeing just one win in 11 games.

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Dean Edwards, a former Shrewsbury and AFC Telford striker, knows how difficult it is to be under pressure as a manager.

He is currently in charge of non-league outfit Barnstaple, where a bruising 8-2 derby defeat led to the club’s own twitter account launching a scathing attack.

He told Shropshire Live: “No manager puts out teams to get beaten, but if the chemistry is not there it can sometimes be hard to fathom as a manager.

“It can be frustrating. Added to that, the fans get on your back and it can be nervous times. If you carry that nervousness into the dressing room it can be picked up by the players on the pitch.

“At the end of the day, every manager will eventually get sacked and it is something they have to get used to. The one thing you have to do as a manager is to keep believing in your own philosophy, because if you get sacked you are better off doing it your own way – then you can only blame yourself.

“I do believe players have the upper hand and can play a massive part in a manager moving on. I think Sam needs to make some tough decisions, and decide which players are going to roll up their sleeves for him, and those he needs to distance himself from.

“Fans are the lifeblood of the club and that cannot be questioned, but with social media now at the forefront of most football debates; it gives a platform for somebody who does not have a full understanding of what goes on day to day. I bet the Manchester United fans wish they had backed Jose Mourinho a bit more now.

“Sam Ricketts is a good young manager, and I know Shrewsbury are a loyal club and I think he needs longer to turn things around. The fans will get what they want in the end, so if it is meant to be it will be.

“If not then onto the next manager and the same cycle. It’s football really.”

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