Change of head coach for Shropshire Revolution

Shropshire Revolution has appointed a new head coach as they approach the start of the 2019 pre-season training camp.

Former Shropshire Revolution head coach Stephen Tonks. Photo: Mike Dean
Former Shropshire Revolution head coach Stephen Tonks. Photo: Mike Dean

Head coach Stephen Tonks who was at the helm for three years and lead the Revolution to their first division 2 national title in 2017 stepped down at the end of the current season.

Tonks said: “Whatever the results have been it is the relationships with members of this organisation that I have enjoyed the most.

“I have been very proud of everything and everyone at this club and I owe a great deal of thanks to all those involved over the years.”

Tonks has been involved since 2011 where he was the club’s special teams coach before taking over as head coach at the start of the 2016 season.

The Revolution management team, which includes Tonks, moved to appoint the team’s current offensive coordinator Neil Holtschke as the club’s new head coach.

Holtschke has been with the Revolution since 2006 when he joined as a rookie and progressed through the ranks to become a staple part of their offensive line. In 2012 he took on the role of player coach looking after the offensive line.

After moving away from playing in 2014 he took up a full time coaching role which saw him rise to become the club’s offensive coordinator in 2016 where he too has enjoyed great success.
Holtschke said: “I was very honoured to have been offered the head coach role having seen the club grow from six blokes throwing a ball around on a muddy field to the operation we have today.

“It will be a lot of hard work but I am looking forward to the challenge and building on the success of our first season back in division 1 and building on the foundations laid by my predecessors.”

With Holtschke moving to head coach former Revolution coach David Butler has been appointed as their new offensive coordinator.

Butler was previously offensive coordinator at the Sandwell Steelers and helped guide the West Midlands side to an undefeated national title in 2015 and a further final appearance the following year.

Holtschke said: “David is a good personal friend of mine and helped me a lot behind the scenes when I was starting out as a coach, so it’s great to be able to work with him again.”

Great Britain international linebacker Alasdair Jarvis will take up the role of defensive coordinator and will be aided by former defensive lineman Daniel Hulme both of whom carry substantial coaching experience.