Broseley Tennis Club’s open day serves up a treat

Broseley Tennis Club has held a very successful open day with more than 50 people taking part.

Open day fun at Broseley Tennis Club
Open day fun at Broseley Tennis Club

Those attending enjoyed the afternoon’s activities while also taking full advantage of the strawberry cream teas on offer.

The club, established 123 years ago, is keen to promote itself as a sporting facility for all ages and abilities.

Bob Kerr, the Tennis Shropshire chairman, said he was delighted with the support shown by the community for all the tennis club’s hard work in making such an exciting sporting facility available to all.

Pat Clarke, the chair of Broseley Tennis Club, said: “Broseley has a number of sporting clubs, with the tennis club having a reputation for being friendly and all inclusive.

“It runs a coaching programme on Friday nights for beginners and returners to tennis, it has teams in the Shropshire Tennis Leagues and also offers playing opportunities at its regular club sessions on Tuesday nights, Friday mornings and Saturday afternoons.”

The next big event in the club’s calendar is the Great British Tennis Weekend on Sunday, May 13 between 2-4pm when, once again, there will be an opportunity for all comers to explore what Broseley Tennis Club can offer them.

For more information about the club and exciting new membership offers visit www.