Shrewsbury Bell Target: One match in hand for table leaders Halfway House

In what should be the final week of the league season all teams shot well to remain in the same positions in the table.

With four postponed matches earlier in the year though, three of those for the Maddocks team, there’s still time for a little last minute shifting.

The table leaders with one match in hand are Halfway House who excelled themselves yet again, this week finishing with a 184.5 against a good 177 score from the Unison squad. Four Halfway House shooters hit possibles, Rich Morgan with another to move ahead in the most number of possibles shot in the year, this time he hit a 37.5 with just two shots nicking the front of the target plate preventing him from scoring the maximum of 38.5. Morgan’s fellow team mates Dai Williams (36), Jack Francis (37) and Martin Pearce (38) all scoring possibles too. Pearce missed out on his second maximum of the year after a single shot clipped the front of the bullseye instead of going down the hole clean like his other six shots. Some impressive shooting from the remainder of the team too and a possible from their opponent’s Mike Lewis who hit a 37.5 to top his squad’s scores.

Telepost remain in second place on the chart after a close win against the travelling Condover team. Telepost’s Captain was the only shooter of the match to score a possible with a great 37.5, with a possible last week too, Dave Kirk left it late in the season to come into form but those points in the matches make a big difference. Father and Son, Roger and Aaron Knight both missed out on a possible by each dropping one shot out of the bull. Ian Small for the Condover team scored a 35.5 and his captain Helen Alderson a 35.0. Not a lot in it with Telepost finishing on 177 while their opponents chalked up a 174.

In a close match between Harlescott B and the travelling Marchamley team Danni Forrester for the Marchamley side smashed home another possible of 35.5 helping her team to tot up a 168. Unfortunately it wasn’t quite enough to take the match from Vito Pacini’s team’s 169.5. The B team remain just below the half way mark in the table but Adam Binnersley (36) and Rian Pacini (35.5) helped to pick up the two points for the team, even though they each had one shot slip out of the bull. Good close matches like this really ratchet up the tension as the evening progresses towards the totting up of the scores.

Maddocks are back up and running with a journey out to The Cock Inn but were unable to snatch the two points from their opponents. The Cock finished wwith a 174 against the visiting team’s 172 points after some tight shooting from both squads. They remain near the foot of the table but Maddocks have three matches in hand, the Cock have shot all eighteen of their matches for the season.

Harlescott’s A team have also shot all eighteen matches with their final against the Red Lion at the Bomere based pub. They wound up losing the match with a 157 against the Lion’s 172.5. The A team remain at the foot of the table after losing all matches this season, but it’s not unusual for a team which has had a large number of squad alterations with some of their shooters returning from a long period of not shooting. Let’s hope that they can use their team average score and shooters averages to their benefit in the upcoming Handicap Cup matches.

Report by: Bob Griffiths