Students from Moreton Hall to take part in five day sports tour in Jersey

Whilst most of us will be spending April in Shropshire, a group of students from Moreton Hall will be heading to Jersey for a five day sports tour.

Students will compete at the Jersey Games Tournament
Students will compete at the Jersey Games Tournament

A squad of 20 players will be put through their paces during a variety of coaching clinics to improve skills in netball and football. The finale of their enthusiasm and training will be when the students will compete at the Jersey Games Tournament against many other teams.

The group will also receive educational sessions at Durrell Wildlife Park and some down time to enjoy the local sightseeing. The group will be accompanied on the trip by Simon Taylor, Boys Sports Co-ordinator of Moreton First.

Simon commented: “This will be a wonderful experience for the students, training alongside and playing against top quality opponents. It’s a great opportunity for many to improve their tactical skills and fitness. We’re all very excited!”

It’s the second Sports Tour for Moreton First, who are pushing for new heights in sport with some great results coming in across the board. The students have been working hard to raise funds for the trip – their bake sale was a particular success.

Alison McDonald, Director Of Sport, enthused: “Over the Easter period there are 50 pupils going on sports tours from Moreton Hall to either Prague or the Jersey Games.

It is a very exciting for the school to be taking the children abroad to benefit from the whole sports tour experience. We are delighted that so many children will gain this opportunity.”