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Oswestry Town Council’s annual meeting to focus on social isolation

Oswestry Town Council’s annual meeting on Monday, 13 February is to focus on social isolation.

The meeting, which takes place from 6.30pm at the Whole Life Centre in Cabin Lane, will raise the following questions:

– What does social isolation look like?
– What can we do together to resolve social isolation in our community?

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The annual town meeting is a “meeting of the electorate” and provides the opportunity for individuals, groups and key partners to discuss how we can best support the Oswestry community through a partnership approach.

The Covid pandemic has exasperated a global epidemic of social isolation; highlighting the importance of finding and scaling strategies to generate social connections in our community.

Social connectedness can impact health outcomes. It can connect us to resources and opportunities and provide stress relief, which can in turn affect cardiovascular health and immune function.

The Mayor of Oswestry, Councillor Jay Moore said: “Loneliness can affect everyone – young, old, mums, dads, brothers, sisters. We probably all know someone affected by social isolation. Feeling connected is more important than ever for partner organisations and stakeholders, as well as the residents that we serve.

“This meeting will allow partners and residents the opportunity to share what the issues are and identify interventions, initiatives and safe places that can help people feel more socially connected. We want to focus on Oswestry’s many positives and strengths and work together to support and develop new ideas to tackle this important issue.”

Residents, local organisations and stakeholders with an interest to join, share insights and support collaboration are invited to attend.

Attendees are encouraged to register their interest to attend by calling Oswestry Town Council on 01691 680 222 or emailing enquiries@oswestry-tc.gov.uk.

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