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Calls to be made for Shropshire Horticultural Society to allow changes to the Dana footpath plans put forward

The leader of Shrewsbury Town Council says Shropshire Horticultural Society is standing in the way of improved pedestrian accessibility from the Dana to Castle Street.

The Dana steps lead to Caste Gates. Image: Google Street View
The Dana steps lead to Caste Gates. Image: Google Street View

Pedestrians are currently confronted by 19 steep stone steps which prevent the use of the path for many people with mobility difficulties, cyclists or those with young children in prams or pushchairs.

The steps are also dangerous in icy conditions with many forced to use the busy, unpleasant and heavily polluted route under the railway bridge.

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Plans have been in place for many years for the creation of a new footpath to avoid the steep steps.

Leader of Shrewsbury Town Council, Alan Mosley will put a motion to the next meeting of the council on Monday 14 November 2022.

In the motion he writes:

“The Town Council came into existence in 2009 and ever since then we have sought to find a solution to address the problem of accessibility along the path from the Dana around the Castle Wall to Castle Street.

“A number of years ago Shrewsbury Town Council allocated £50,000 for a project to cover the cost of the works needed to breach part of the castle wall near the top of the steps onto the outer bailey to create a pathway through the forecourt gardens onto Castle Street.

“Members and Officers of both the town and Shropshire Council authorities have worked very hard to seek to put the plans in place. However, the landowners, Shropshire Horticultural Society, are resolutely standing in the way of progress.

“The plans are entirely in keeping and not only would the scheme give improved access for all but it would generally promote active travel, support the ambitions of the Big Town Plan and encourage more people to enjoy the wonderful gardens and the hidden jewels of the Castle itself.

“It’s now time to formally express our disappointment and growing dissatisfaction at the intransigence of the Shropshire Horticultural Society in refusing to allow a much-needed facility to enhance the movement options of our residents and visitors.

“We call on the Horticultural Society to approve current proposals as a matter of urgency.”

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