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Saturday, August 20, 2022
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Protest to take place over Shrewsbury Health Hub plans

Shrewsbury’s team of Liberal Democrat Councillors have announced plans for a protest against controversial ‘Health Hub’ proposals.

Pictured outside the Radbrook Green Surgery are Cllr Alex Wagner (Bowbrook Ward), Cllr Mary Davies - (Abbey Ward) and Cllr Bernie Bentick (Meole Ward)
Pictured outside the Radbrook Green Surgery are Cllr Alex Wagner (Bowbrook Ward), Cllr Mary Davies – (Abbey Ward) and Cllr Bernie Bentick (Meole Ward)

Local residents will be able to protest the plans outside Shirehall at 10.30am on Sunday 7 August.

The latest plans will see six of the eight GP surgeries outlined move to the hub, which would be based on Oteley Road.

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Concerns over how the hub will be accessed by those without the use of a car have arisen – no answers have been forthcoming.

Councillor Bernie Bentick represents Meole, having retired from a distinguished 40 year career as an NHS consultant at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital.

He commented: “Shrewsbury residents deserve first-class GP provision. These proposals will undoubtedly have a negative impact on access to GP services in our town, and will cause wide-ranging issues for those without access to a car.

“Many already struggle to get an appointment or access GP services. These proposals will use Shrewsbury residents as guinea pigs for a system that is likely to make those problems worse. We simply have to protest these plans and show that we feel it is not right to deprive residents of access to a GP in their own community.

Councillor Alex Wagner added: “I cannot urge residents enough to come to this protest. We have worked hard, pounding the pavements and winning 2,000 signatures on our petition. Now we need to show that the public view on this is stronger than ever. If they won’t consult the people of our town, we’ll make sure residents’ views are put across as strongly as possible through other routes.”

The protest will last around 30 minutes. Residents are encouraged to come along and bring their own placards and to share any messages that the town’s Lib Dem team can take to Shirehall and health bosses.

It will include handing in the 2,000 strong petition run by Lib Dems to express deep concern at proposals and to urge proper public consultation to Shirehall.

The NHS CCG/ICS will receive a copy by post.

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