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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Coronavirus cases rise across the county ahead of restrictions lifting

Coronavirus cases across the county are continuing to rise ahead of restrictions lifting on Monday.

There were 492 new Coronavirus cases reported for Telford and Wrekin 5 July – 11 July and 568 new cases reported in the Shropshire Council area during the seven-day period between 2-8 July 2021.

The seven-day infection rate for Telford and Wrekin is 274 cases of Covid-19 per 100,000. In the Shropshire Council area the seven-day infection rate was 178.9 per 100,000.

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There were eight patients with Covid-19 in local hospitals as of 11 July and one death.

With restrictions easing local health leaders are asking people to be responsible and think of others while enjoying their freedoms.

Liz Noakes, Telford and Wrekin’s Director for Public Health, said:

“From next week, we will be living with Coronavirus without restrictions, but our responsibilities do not come to an end.

“For the benefit of others, we should continue to practice good hygiene, such as washing hands regularly, keeping space from others, and wearing masks.

“Now is not the time to throw your mask into the bin.

“Although cases have not risen significantly this week, we can already see early indications that local cases are spiking for next week.

“There is a slight increase in bed occupancy at local hospitals, and sadly, we recorded our first local death for several months.

“The virus continues to cause real harm, and so we should continue to be careful.

“You still need to keep your guard up, even if you have been vaccinated – to protect yourself and your loved ones.”

Rachel Robinson, Shropshire Council’s director of public health, said:

“The figures show a continued rise in positive cases compared to the previous week, and a slow rise in hospital admissions. Once again, the majority of cases were in the younger, unvaccinated population, and the average age was just 29. Please protect yourself, your family and friends by getting both jabs as soon as possible.  

“The Prime Minister’s announcement earlier this week about proceeding to Step 4 on Monday 19 July was no doubt welcomed by many residents, but it’s also important to remember that we are still very much in the pandemic, numbers are rising and we are asking people to continue to exercise a cautious approach. 

“Restrictions are lifting at a time where the virus is circulating in our communities in very high numbers. The best ways to limit and manage your risk of catching and spreading COVID-19 remain the same: double vaccination, twice-weekly testing, continue to wear face coverings in enclosed public spaces, good hygiene, proper ventilation indoors and isolated as soon as you get symptoms or are a close contact of a positive case.”  

“The uptake in Shropshire is impressive – more than 85% of adults have had their first jab and nearly 70% have had both. Let’s keep up the good work and keep our communities safe. 

Information about walk-in vaccination clinics is updated continuously online. Find out opening times and eligibility of walk-in clinics.

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