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Petition against plans for houses near Telford Town Park hits the ground running

A group of volunteers who help to care for areas of Telford Town Park have launched a petition against plans for houses nearby – and have over 100 signatures already.

The land the proposed houses will be constructed on
The land the proposed houses will be constructed on

The Friends of Telford Town Park are against plans submitted by The Wrekin Housing Trust for two houses on green space in Aqueduct Lane, adjacent to the Telford Town Park Local Nature Reserve.

They launched a change.org petition and got over 50 signatures in the first 24 hours. 

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Chairman of the Friends of Telford Town Park, Chris Pettman, said: “This area needs to be protected and our volunteers would be willing to maintain it.

“Losing green space adjacent to the award winning Telford Town Park for just two houses to be built will impact the wildlife and an adjacent Local Nature Reserve.

“No amount of replanting will make up for the loss of wildlife habitat.

“The Friends of Telford Town Park are vehemently against this application and are petitioning for Wrekin Housing Trust to instead offer the land back to Telford & Wrekin Council – subject to it being incorporated into the Telford Town Park Local Nature Reserve. This is the right thing to do for the community.

“One may think it is only two houses, but it really will make a difference. This plot has lain undisturbed for over 20 years and we think it would be a travesty to rip it up for two small houses when there are many brownfield sites in Telford – this does not need to be touched.”

If it did become part of the award winning Telford Town Park Local Nature Reserve the area would be managed and maintained, but largely left as it is with plants and wild flowers for use by birds, common newts, and other flora and fauna.

The planning application (TWC/2021/0191) for two two-bed semi detached houses, which Wrekin Housing Trust intend to rent out, is currently being considered by planning officers. 

There have been 41 comments of objection since it was submitted and Stirchley & Brookside Parish Council isagainst the proposal, citing concerns about visibility, drainage, lack of parking and over development of the area.

To view The Friends of Telford Town Park’s petition click here.

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