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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Coronavirus: Cases hit new peak in Telford and Wrekin

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Telford and Wrekin have continued to rise and remain at the highest level since community testing began, latest weekly figures show.

The increase in the infection rate has slowed compared to the previous week but is still growing faster than the West Midlands average.

Health leaders are continuing to urge people to stay home to stem the spread. 

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For the week ending 10 January, the situation in the borough show that 952 people have been diagnosed with Covid-19, a 17% rise compared with last week’s total of 816 cases.

The seven-day infection rate for Telford and Wrekin is 529 confirmed cases of Covid-19 per 100,000. In the West Midlands, the seven-day infection rate is 592 confirmed cases of Covid-19 per 100,000.

Seven people in the borough have died from Covid-19 in the past week (bringing the total borough deaths to 152).

There were 86 people diagnosed with Covid-19 in Telford and Shrewsbury hospitals, as of 10 January.

Liz Noakes, Telford and Wrekin’s Director for Public Health, said: “Our levels remain at the highest we have seen in the borough since community testing began.

“Infection rates are now increasing at a slower rate, this suggests people are staying home, but with rates still increasing more needs to be done.

“It is crucial that residents stay at home and follow the ‘lockdown’ rules to protect the NHS at this critical time. 

“Parents and carers who are critical workers should also keep their children at home if they can, rather than at school.

“Act like everyone has the virus, and that they may be carrying the virus themselves – 1 in 3 people with Covid-19 show no symptoms.

“It is crucial that people regularly wash hands, wear face coverings, and social distance 100% of the time.

“If you show any symptoms of coronavirus you must urgently self-isolate and get tested, getting a test is one of the reasons people can leave home in this lockdown.

“The rapid testing centre at the Place, Oakengates, is now open to any resident who is not displaying symptoms to get tested – especially those people who can’t avoid leaving home for work.”

“We face a difficult couple of months, it will take time for infections to fall to decline to a more acceptable level – thank you to everyone who is doing their part during this lockdown.”

Andy Burford, Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care, said: “It is imperative that we all follow the lockdown rules to ensure that the NHS is protected at this time.

“Before we leave our homes we need to ask ourselves if this journey is really essential – if it is not then stay at home.

“If you do need to go out then please stay as local as you can to your home, you should not be traveling further than is legally allowed.”

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