Samaritans to talk with commuters at Shrewsbury train station as part of Small Talk Saves Lives campaign

Samaritans in Shropshire will be talking to commuters at Shrewsbury train station today and Wednesday 14 November to encourage the public to act if they notice someone who may be at risk.

A new phase of the Small Talk Saves Lives campaign, launched by Samaritans in partnership with British Transport Police (BTP), Network Rail and the wider rail industry this week, is emphasising how each of us has all the experience we need to help save a life.

Small Talk Saves Lives was developed after research showed passengers could have a key role to play along with the thousands of rail staff and British Transport Police now trained by Samaritans in suicide prevention.*

Samaritans volunteer, Helen McGuinness, Director of the Shrewsbury branch of Samaritans said:

“Suicide is preventable and any one of us could have an opportunity to save a life. A phrase as simple as, ‘I can’t believe this weather’, could be enough to interrupt a person’s suicidal thoughts. Even if small talk doesn’t come naturally to you, if something doesn’t feel right, please try to start a conversation. There’s no evidence you’ll make things worse.”

Find out more about Small Talk Saves Lives at www.samaritans.or/smalltalksaveslives