Record student numbers at University Centre Shrewsbury

A record number of new students have been welcomed to University Centre Shrewsbury (UCS).

Dr Gyles Brandreth presents a UCS student with their degree certificate
Dr Gyles Brandreth presents a UCS student with their degree certificate

Undergraduates got to know the town and their new surroundings during Welcome Week before settling into their studies, alongside new postgraduates, also embarking on a range of courses.

More than 170 students have taken up their places at UCS – the majority from Shropshire with others from the wider UK, Europe and beyond – from Asia to the Americas.

Undergraduates attended a variety of events and received an invitation to the inaugural graduation ceremony on Friday September 28 which ended the journey of the first cohort of students at UCS.

Professor Anna Sutton, Provost of UCS, said: “Welcome Week is always an exciting time, the start of a new academic year and a new intake to join our existing undergraduates and postgraduates.

“UCS has established itself as a quality learning institution and this is reflected in a record number of new recruits starting this year.

“We have also just held our inaugural graduation ceremony which was hugely successful and completes the circle for our first intake of students.

“It was a proud occasion for all of us connected with UCS and another first for the town – the first time a higher education graduation ceremony had been held in Shrewsbury and the perfect way for us all to celebrate their achievement.

“The day also gave our new students a glimpse of what they are striving for during their time with us.

“Of our 108 undergraduate students this year, 65 per cent of those are Shropshire based, we have a number of internationals and some from the Northern Ireland and across Europe.

“We are also welcoming our first US students, who are here for the new Musical Theatre programme that is starting this year.

“A total of 62 postgraduate students have signed up, 44 of those are from Shropshire with the rest coming from across the UK.

“We are delighted to welcome them all to Shrewsbury, hope they enjoy their time with us and look forward to them continuing the high standards set by their predecessors.”

Paul Kirkbright, Deputy Provost at UCS, added: “Our first four years have been an incredible journey and a large part of our success has come from our students receiving a tailor-made personalised experience focusing on their individual needs and interests in their studies and extra-curricular activities.

“UCS is heavily committed to the town, we believe it is important for our staff and students to play a role within the community and we will continue to be involved in events, projects and partnerships that will enhance the prospects and standing of Shropshire in general and Shrewsbury in particular.

“We host a number of public events throughout the year, many of which are free to attend and we are grateful for the assistance of those residents, councillors, business people and other leaders of our community who help to make it all possible.”