Guinness World Record Charleston attempt takes place in Shrewsbury

Over 1,000 people took part in a Guinness World Record Charleston attempt in Shrewsbury on Saturday afternoon.

The aim was to break the current Guinness World Record for the largest number of people to dance the Charleston at one time.

The current record is 975 people and is held by ‘Swing Patrol’ in London, today’s record attempt took place at Shrewsbury’s Quarry Park at 1pm.

In total 1,096 took part in the attempt with organisers now sending off the evidence to Guinness World Record officials.

It will take several weeks to find out if the record has been broken.

The event raised over £4,000 for Severn Hospice.

Sarah Bright, owner of Revel in Dance decided to organise the event to bring the community together, raise awareness of the benefits of dance and as a way to raise funds for Severn Hospice.

Speaking at the event Sarah said it was an uplifting sight seeing so many people taking part and thanked those who attended.

“This is a great way to be involved in a World Record attempt and at the same time support an invaluable local care service. Dancing the cheeky Charleston is all about having fun and showing character so participants will have a great time learning and performing the routine” said Sarah.

Participants of the event had to attend one of eight workshops in August and September or watch an online tutorial to learn the routine, as rules for the record attempt are quite stringent.

Those taking part learnt a short piece of cheeky Charleston choreography, which was repeated for a 5-minute duration at the record attempt.