New mini bus trialled by Arriva in Telford

Arriva Midlands has joined forces with Telford & Wrekin Council to trial a new style micro ‘Sprinter’ bus on route 11 this summer.

The new mini bus offers a more comfortable ride and is more fuel efficient than larger vehicles
The new mini bus offers a more comfortable ride and is more fuel efficient than larger vehicles

The plush new mini bus, which is designed specifically to offer passengers a more comfortable ride whilst having the benefit of being more fuel efficient than larger vehicles, will serve between Telford and Lawley until end September whilst Arriva gages public opinion as to whether it suits their needs on a permanent basis.

Jamie Crowsley, General Manager for Arriva Shropshire, explained: “Customer experience is at the very heart of what we do, and as we work to assess the future needs of the travelling public, we remain committed to doing whatever we can to ensure that our passengers have the best journey possible.

“We believe that the Sprinter will make a real difference to those riding on it, but we don’t want to compromise our existing standards on route 11, so have decided to put its ultimate fate in the hands of the people who will feel the effect of its introduction the most – local bus users.

“This trial will monitor both passenger opinion, driver feedback, and fuel efficiency, to ensure we have a thorough overview of the impact the vehicle has had on our operations before we make any decisions in the longer term. As such, it’s important to us that anyone who travels on board the bus over the course of the next few months takes the time to report back to us about their experience. Only then will we be able to truly know whether the Sprinter is the right option for our customers on the Lawley corridor.”

Feedback Wanted

Feedback regarding the new bus is being welcomed via email on until end September 2018, or alternatively, fill out a feedback form on-board and pass to your driver, or look out for members of the local team who will be surveying passengers.

Route 11 links Telford and Lawley every 30 minutes, Monday to Saturday, and hourly on a Sunday.