Harmonise your Mind and Body with Bryn Tanat Wellness Programmes

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When your mind, body and soul need a break from it all, the fresh air and rolling green hills of the Mid Wales and Shropshire borders offer the perfect antidote to the hectic pace of modern life.

Bryn Tanat is the home of the Wellness Programmes

This is where you’ll find Bryn Tanat Hall, a 17th century country manor offering five star luxury accommodation, nestled within 15 acres of beautifully-kept gardens, woodland and parkland.

Launched in November 2016, Bryn Tanat’s Wellness Programmes are designed to help participants live a healthier, happier, more mindful life. If you’re concerned about your weight, stress levels or the way unhealthy lifestyle choices are affecting your health, the Wellness programmes run at Bryn Tanat Hall offer an opportunity for reflection and change.

The team of experts designing the programmes have been handpicked by owner of Bryn Tanat Hall and founder of the Wellness Programmes, Susan Martin, for their knowledge, experience and professionalism. They include a clinical nutritionist, hypnotherapist, massage therapist, and fitness experts in yoga, functional fitness, tai chi, Alexander Technique and Nordic walking.

Functional medicine is at the heart of the programmes. The Bryn Tanat Wellness ethos is to take a personalised approach to health, working with therapists who use their training and expertise to treat the cause, rather than just the symptom, of a condition or illness, restoring optimum health through diet, exercise and other evidence-based therapies. You’ll learn to rethink your entire approach to food as they teach you not just the basics of good nutrition but how it applies to you personally.

The topics covered on the programmes include Weight Management, Stress Management, Autoimmune Disorders, Wellness in the Workplace, Gut Health, Detoxification, and Functional and Active Fitness.

There’s an option on offer to suit every budget and lifestyle – choose from four day Optimal Functional Health Programmes, one day Masterclasses in Optimal Health Nutrition or Fitness, and regular events such as Corporate Wellness Taster Days, Fitness Circuit Classes and Spring Yoga Workshops – take a look at http://www.bryntanatwellness.com/dates-prices/

Forthcoming programmes are the Optimal Health Nutrition Masterclass and an Optimal Health Fitness Masterclass, on Tuesday 4 April and Wednesday 5 April, and Corporate Wellness Taster Days on Tuesday 16 May and Wednesday 17 May respectively.

To reserve your place on these programmes or for further details, call Bryn Tanat Wellness on 01691 828 266 or email info@bryntanatwellness.com