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Salop Teaching Partnership welcome new cohort of Associate Teachers

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Salop Teaching Partnership has welcomed their new cohort of Associate Teachers for 2022-2023, who will be completing their Secondary PGCE with them over this academic year.

This year Salop Teaching Partnership have Associate Teacher training in History, Geography, Chemistry, English, Art & Design, Religious Education, Maths, Design & Technology and Spanish.

Associate Teachers will be learning alongside outstanding teachers and practitioners from Partner Schools across the County.

The Salop Teaching Partnership Lead school is the Priory in Shrewsbury, which is well known for its academic excellence and endeavours to ensure that every lesson is dynamic, exciting and captures young people’s interest and love of learning.

School placements

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The Salop Teaching Partnership Associate Teachers will be carrying out placements in two schools to offer contrasting teaching experience. They have recently started their first placement and will be spending time observing teachers and building the skills they need to teach their first lessons. A team consisting of school based and university based mentors supports each of the Associate Teachers throughout their training year.

The new cohort of Associate Teachers for 2022-2023

Teaching salary

As a teacher, you can expect your salary to be between £25,714 – £36,961 and all Early Career Teachers (ECT) are given extra support for their first 2 years in teaching. This support includes additional training, reduced teaching timetable and an ECT Mentor.

Salop Teaching Partnership can advise you on what bursaries or funding might be available to you if you are interested in starting your journey into secondary teaching.

Last year all 24 Associate Teachers secured teaching jobs, 20 within Shropshire and 4 out of the county.

Cohort advice

Here is some advice from last year’s cohort to anyone thinking about training to teach in Shropshire:

Computer Science Associate Teacher 2021/22
“Count the wins every day. Learn about your students and show them you care and you will get the most from them”

Music Associate Teacher 2021/22
“You are about to have the most amazing year that will go by so quickly. STP is an incredible alliance and they will support you every step of the way”

Find out more

To find out more about training to teach, email: stp@tpstrust.co.uk to arrange a time for a conversation.

Visit the website at: salopteachingpartnership.co.uk

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