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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Shropshire’s first climate change awareness fare to take place

Watching Sir David Attenborough’s television programmes and reading Greta Thunberg’s books has inspired 13-year-old Lulu Reynolds to do her ‘bit’ to help the planet she lives on.

Lulu Reynolds
Lulu Reynolds

On her own initiative (with a little help from the adults around her) Lulu has meticulously planned Shropshire’s first ‘Climate Change Awareness Fair’, which is being held at Pontesbury’s Mary Webb School on Sunday 12th September from 10am to 4pm.

“I admire Greta enormously”, she says, “and David Attenborough really cares about the world with the core of his heart. His television programmes helped me realise just how beautiful the earth is. It is an incredible planet … and yet we’re destroying it. We’ve reached a turning point, but we still have time … if we act now.”

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Lulu has pulled together a selection of eco-friendly information stalls and expert talks to offer simple, practical examples of what we can all do locally to ease the burden on Planet Earth.

Amongst the inspirational speakers (between 11.30 and 3pm) will be sustainability expert Paul King talking about the prospect of achieving Absolute Zero Carbon pollution. Also giving illustrated talks will be Jonathan Walton, who was involved in some of the earliest climate change research in The Antarctic; Natural Gardener Nancy Lowe, on the secrets of creating a wildlife garden; and environmental artist Sara Mai, who works through the medium of plastic bottle tops.

Lulu wants the Fair to be both fun and informative and there will be family guides to help people live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.

“Sorting out climate change has to be the number one thing to do,” says Lulu. “We must start to help the planet now, to give ourselves time to put things right. I’m doing this Fair because of my love for the planet I live on. I want people to walk away from the day with positive ideas. I want them to think about the green options we can follow to help us live healthier lives.”

The Climate Change Awareness Fair takes place at Pontesbury Mary Webb School on Sunday 12 September between 10am – 4pm. Entry costs £2 for Adults.

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