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Quest Guardians – the Family company encouraging you to join their Family

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Quest Guardians are currently looking for families in the Shropshire area to host
international students.

Quest Guardians is a company on a mission. They provide guardianship services to international students who are studying at UK boarding schools, and they have recently been working flat out to ensure all their students have host families they can go to for the upcoming Easter holiday and future half term breaks.

Henry Michelmore, who is Head of Operations, highlights the dilemma the company is facing:

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“We look after students who attend boarding schools across the UK, and a big part of our support is ensuring the students have somewhere to stay during holiday periods.

“We have some wonderful host families that provide a room and meals for the student, but just now the demand for new families is greater than ever. So we are urgently looking for new host families, in particular within the Shrewsbury area.”

Host Family

A host family is somewhere one or more students can stay during holiday periods. Quest Guardians will try to match host families to students as closely as possible in terms of interests and outlook on life, and most students will return to the same host family for all their stays.

The basic requirement to become a host family is a nice spare room, and a kind, welcoming and caring disposition towards children. The host family provide full-boarding and lodging during the stay. In addition, the family will be regularly visited and inspected by a Quest Regional Coordinator and is checked against the British police database (Disclosure & Barring Service).

Benefits to becoming a host family

There are many benefits to becoming a host family, including the opportunity to experience the culture of a different country without even entering an airport, the prospect of forming a bond that can last a lifetime and a chance to earn some extra income.

Quest Guardians was formed in 1993 by Sheelagh Michelmore and celebrates 27 years of operation this year. The ethos of Quest Guardians is based entirely around family support, with Sheelagh’s son Chris now in charge of running the company and her grandson Henry a key cog in the wheel. The Company aims to provide a complete guardianship service for international students who are coming to the UK to study, from ages 7 through to 18.

Part of the Family

The Jones family have been hosting for two years now, having taken the opportunity to welcome young people back into their home. John Jones comments:

“With our children leaving for university we felt we wanted to have a full house again. When the two girls, Natalie and Janice, initially arrived from school, we took them in with open arms and two years later, I really treat them as part of the family.

“They have also loved our home-cooked food. This has been a rewarding experience for us both and we have had lovely messages of appreciation from the girls’ parents.”

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Host Family in the Shrewsbury area, please contact Quest Guardians for an informal discussion on telephone: 01202 882299 (touch number to call from a mobile device) or email Henry on office@questguardians.co.uk

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