CPRE calls on people of Shropshire to participate in ‘Green Clean’

People across Shropshire are being called on by the local branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) to participate in a forthcoming countryside clean-up campaign.

Connor Furnival, a volunteer at CPRE Shropshire
Connor Furnival, a volunteer at CPRE Shropshire

Taking place on Saturday September 22 in Telford Town Park, the event will focus on picking up littered bottles and cans and is part of the CPRE’s nationwide ‘Green Clean’ campaign being organised in anticipation of the imminent deposit return system which the group lobbied for over a 10 year period.

The Government announced in March of this year that it would introduce a nationwide deposit return system for plastic and glass bottles, as well as aluminium cans as a means of boosting recycling rates and combating the plague of litter blighting the countryside. However, whilst the introduction of that system remains pending, the CPRE is taking steps to mobilise volunteers to clear as much litter as possible. Maddy Haughton-Boakes, Litter Campaigner at the Campaign to Protect Rural England, explains:

“Our nationwide Green Clean will help ready the countryside for the introduction of a deposit return system, transforming it back to a beautiful, litter-free state. So long as the deposit system that the Government introduces is set up to collect all drinks containers, this harmful littered eyesore could soon be a thing of the past.

“We want everyone across Shropshire to get out and get involved. Through the collective effort of local people and communities we can banish bottles and cans from our parks, fields and hedgerows for good.”

As well as collecting litter, the CPRE and its team of Green Cleaners will record the quantity and type of litter found and hopes that this information will help inform the development of innovative solutions to England’s litter problem through increased recycling and behavioural change.

Connor Furnival, a volunteer at CPRE Shropshire, adds:

“We will hold a series of events across Shropshire as part of this nationwide initiative and are starting this month in Telford’s Town Park.

“In spite of the efforts of so many groups and organisations locally, litter removal costs the people of Shropshire almost £250,000 annually and we want to call on the support of the local population to see that figure significantly reduced, whilst making our natural surroundings more attractive for all to enjoy.”

CPRE Shropshire’s ‘Green Clean’ event will take place on Saturday September 22nd 2018. Volunteers will be provided with pickers, bags and high-vis jackets and are asked to meet in the Dark Lane car park (TF4 3NZ) by 10:30am. Free parking permits will be provided.