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Shrewsbury rock band Chasing Mallory release their debut single featuring Monokate

A newly created rock band from Shrewsbury has released their debut single ‘Hating Heart’.

Shrewsbury Rock Band Chasing Mallory

Their single also features a special guest in the form of Kateryna Pavlenko ‘Monokate’ from Go_A who represented Ukraine in this year’s Eurovision contest.

The band formed earlier this year during the 3rd Lockdown after Singer Ash and Guitarist Danny (who perform with local band I, Assassin) started sending demos to each other after getting frustrated at not being able to perform to a live audience.

Now restrictions have been eased, they decided to create a new band with members from several successful local bands in the area, consisting of Ollie (Unnatural Order) on Rhythm Guitar, Dave (Rolo Benz) on Bass and Jay (I, Assassin) on the Drums.

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They have already got off to a great start with their Facebook Page already hitting over 1.8k followers and their music featured on BBC Radio Shropshire.

Debut single Hating Heart

Hating Heart is the product of their collaboration with the inclusion of Kateryna Pavlenko, also known under the pseudonym MonoKate, a Ukrainian singer, composer, and folklorist. She is the lead vocalist of the Ukrainian electro-folk band Go_A who came 5th with 364 points at the Eurovision Song Contest final in Rotterdam in May this year.

Jay from the band explained how it was sheer luck, that Monokate ended up on the record. “The guy who mixes our songs for us also does her mixes. She happened to walk into his studio whilst he was mixing the song, said she loved it and did backing vocals for it there and then.”

Chat with Chasing Mallory

Shropshire Live caught up with the band to answer a few of our questions:

SL: What is the story behind Hating Heart?
CM: Hating heart is about holding onto a relationship that’s letting you go and you can see it coming and you become resentful and bitter about it.

SL: How are you feeling about releasing your debut single?
CM: We are extremely excited to release the track, with the exception of little bits we have shown people, we have kept this pretty close to our chest. So we have been excited, but also anxious about what people think. 

SL: What is the plan going forward?
CM: Our plan for the band is to keep releasing content, our goal is to reach 1 million streams on the streaming services. We have about another 8 songs already locked and loaded to go, some have been recorded already. We want everyone to know the songs before we do a show. 

Take a listen to the debut single from Chasing Mallory – ‘Hating Heart’ below:

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