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New trainees join Dyke Yaxley Chartered Accountants

A Shropshire company has welcomed eight new trainees who are starting their careers in the accountancy industry.

From left, Theo Grainger, Max Hopson, Rachel Davies, Jay-Jay Perks, Emily Roberts, Conal Smith, Laura Steele and Dan Scharenguivel
From left, Theo Grainger, Max Hopson, Rachel Davies, Jay-Jay Perks, Emily Roberts, Conal Smith, Laura Steele and Dan Scharenguivel

The new faces have joined Dyke Yaxley Chartered Accountants at their head office in Old Potts Way, in Shrewsbury, and they have now begun a two-year scheme of technical and practical training.

The training will be co-ordinated by Human Resources Manager Keith Higgins, who said the trainees were the latest intake to benefit from the support and advice of experienced and knowledgeable colleagues.

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“All eight trainees will be working with our audit accounts team and we’re delighted with their impressive progress so far,” said Keith.

The new faces are: Emily Roberts, Daniel Scharenguivel, Conal Smith, Jay-Jay Perks, Laura Steele, Max Hopson, Theo Grainger and Rachel Davies.

“Five of the new colleagues are from Shrewsbury, two are from Telford and one from Wolverhampton, so we’re very pleased to have recruited team members from within the area where the vast majority of our clients are based.

“They have all come to us from college and university, except Rachel who already has a year’s industry experience as a trainee with another firm.

“Now that they’ve completed their induction training, they are working as part of the audit accounts team to develop the skills they will need for a successful career in the industry, and once their initial training is over, the aim is for them to move forward to study for formal accountancy qualifications.”

Keith said the firm’s staff training and apprenticeship programmes had helped many employees as they took their first steps on the career ladder.

“In fact, training and apprenticeships have been key to the success of the Dyke Yaxley management team as four of our current directors – Managing Director Marie Bramwell, Helen Bruce, Mark Griffiths and Andrew Young – and newly-appointed Associate Director Hayley Price, all began their careers through our training scheme.

“It’s always exciting to see new trainees as they excitedly set off on their accountancy journey, and we’re looking forward to working with them to share our knowledge and help them to prepare for the future.”

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