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Saturday, August 20, 2022
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Renowned Health and Wellness Coach launches new Wellness Days

Renowned Wellness Coach Laura Butler has teamed up with Love2Stay to launch a brand new set of classes designed to tackle mental health and wellbeing issues in the workplace.

Health and wellness coach Laura Butler
Health and wellness coach Laura Butler

Butler, an accredited health and wellbeing coach, has already built up a loyal following and client-base via her business, welLBe – which focuses on programmes for both individuals and companies alike. Now though, she’s on a mission to transform the way businesses view employee wellbeing both in the office and beyond.

Partnering with Love2Stay, a major touring and glamping site in Shropshire, the new set of bespoke employee wellness days have been designed to boost team and individual wellbeing through a range of activities. With bookings available for half-days and full-days, they can be tailored entirely to meet the needs of any organisation – whether it’s a local, small business looking to reconnect with its employees, or a national company looking to put employee mental health first on a regular basis.

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Laura says these types of classes and packages are proving to be “more important than ever” at this time, following the turbulent periods both business owners and workers have experienced throughout the pandemic.

“I’ve been working with clients since before the pandemic, carrying out retreats and activity sessions – but I can say with absolute certainty that never before have I experienced a time like this, when employee wellness needs to be at the very forefront of business thinking,” Laura says.

“The pandemic was difficult for everyone, with so much uncertainty going on for business owners and employees. And now that we’re coming out of it, people are really starting to realise just how much has changed. Some people have adapted to working from home, others haven’t, and there are some who are finding the transition back to the workplace more difficult than they ever thought they would. Bringing teams together on wellness days is proving very powerful.”

“We’ve built our employee away days with this in mind, which is why they are going to become a super important and dynamic part of any workplace programme. I’ve worked closely with Love2Stay to ensure these days are fun, transformational, and give everyone the chance to fully reconnect with their team members. They also work to counteract the effects of sitting at a desk all day – boosting team creativity, passion and enjoyment within their roles.”

Packages can be tailored to suit the needs of any organisation and match individual company values. With options to choose from half-day and full-day packages, Laura’s activities can include any of the following evidence-based restoration sessions, including yoga, cold water swimming, assault courses, healthy cookery demos, breathing work, coaching sessions, mindfulness meditation, and more.

The days provide a safe space for team building, exploration and restoration, as well as bringing individuals together in a social environment to instil trust, connection, resilience, communication and creativity. They include tips and tricks to instilling wellbeing in your workplace, home, and beyond.

Laura has been working on similar packages since 2017, and over time, says this need for workplace wellbeing has been expanding and growing over time.

“Mental, emotional and physical health really is more important than ever, and that’s something that won’t be changing or going away anytime soon” she adds.

“The word wellness isn’t a fad, and it’s no longer just a CSR tickbox – it’s a must. That’s why the old fashioned way of working or delivering wellness sessions should be out the window, with new techniques replacing them in order to actually change how employees feel from within.”

“We do things differently both at welLBe and Love2Stay – making sure employees are recognised, noticed and listened to, instead of just delivering a tonne of information and walking away. We want to ensure each person experiences real change that filters through to the organisation, everyday life, and even in their home. Healthy, balanced people bring energy and focus to what they do. Connected people feel a sense of purpose – something that’s vital in a happy, successful business.”

Businesses or organisations looking to book a wellness day or find out more can contact Laura directly via Laura@laurabutlercoaching.co.uk

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