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Saturday, March 25, 2023
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Funding released to put more tanker drivers on the road

A driver training expert is highlighting the free funding now available to get more tanker drivers trained up and on the road.

Courses are available through Dulson Training in partnership with Telford College via the Skills Bootcamp programme and comes as the company has just completed a £30,000 investment in upgrading and expanding its classrooms space, offices and other facilities at its Roden headquarters in Shropshire.

Steve Dulson, of Dulson Training, said: “The new funding allows ADR drivers to complete their necessary qualifications for free and is a massive boost in helping to get more tanker drivers on the road.

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“ADR is specialist training which equips drivers with the skills and knowledge they need to transport hazardous goods by road and the funding has been made available after the problems we saw on garage forecourts in September and October when there was a perceived shortage of tanker drivers and panic buying of fuel.

“The funding is available through the Skills Bootcamp with Pathway E allowing drivers to gain their ADR qualification for core packs and seven classes for the carrying of dangerous goods, including but not limited to, bottled gases and fertiliser. The funding also covers Pathway F – which covers everything in Pathway E but with the addition of a tanker module for those wanting to drive petrol tankers.

“We are providing the training: Pathway E is a four-day course while Pathway F runs for five days. The requirements are that the driver must live in England, hold a HGV Class C or C+E licence and be 19 or over. It’s a great opportunity to get more drivers qualified and help to address the driver crisis.”

Mr Dulson said Driver Certificate of Professional Competence training, or Driver CPC, can be included as well, meaning when a driver takes the ADR course they can also claim a certain amount of CPC hours – 20 hours if they are on the Pathway E programme and 28 if they take the Pathway F course.

“Driver CPC is very busy at the moment, it’s important to remind drivers of the need to stay competent by doing their CPC hours and we provide both remote and classroom training to help them meet the necessary qualifications,” he added.

“This has all come at an opportune time for us as we have just completed a £30,000 investment programme to provide more space and upgraded facilities to meet the increasing demand for our wide range of training courses.

“We have built three new classrooms at our Roden HQ and they are ready to start delivering these additional courses from the beginning of March alongside our other courses including CPC, First Aid, LGV, instructor and forklift training.

“The work has included more office space and a general improvement of our overall facilities. It’s something we were doing anyway but has dovetailed nicely in helping us meet the additional training capacity brought about by the ADR free funding programme.

“The extra space was also put together with a Covid-secure environment in mind. Restrictions may have eased but we think it’s important to be mindful of operating within as safe and secure surroundings as possible.

“Our facilities are there for everyone to use across our extensive range of courses, to help us keep up with the demand for our training programmes and up to date in our ongoing commitment to maintain the best possible professional service.”

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