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New face joins Shropshire website marketing team

Shropshire digital marketing business Ascendancy has welcomed a new face to the team – but for director Helen it’s a face she already knows quite well.

Helen Rayet
Helen Rayet

Helen Rayet joins the Ascendancy team headed up by Director Helen Culshaw – after the pair first met online when the world went into lockdown in March 2020.

“When we went into lockdown I had more time on my hands so I focused on giving back to the business community,” she said. “I ran a six-week course about things you can do on your website now, while people had time due to the pandemic, that would bring huge returns in the future.

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“I worked alongside the Growth Hub to advertise it and Helen signed up.”

Helen, a trained Babywearing Consultant, decided to go on the course to improve her business website – Bundle of Love – which sells slings, nappies and accessories and met Helen for the first time in March 2020.

She said: “I really enjoyed the course and worked hard on everything I had been taught throughout 2020. When I had some consultant hours through the Growth Hub this year I decided to use them with Helen to talk to her about how we could improve SEO on my website now that it had been up and running for a year.”

And Helen Culshaw, a regular speaker and trainer, said she was delighted to hear about Helen’s successes and was very impressed with the work she had done, and continued to do, following the course.

“Often when you give people advice they don’t actually follow it but Helen followed it and it worked for her and her business,” she adds. “She was getting great results and doing it so well, I began to recognise the talent there.

“After 18 months of training and consulting and putting the work into practice Helen became a great digital marketer – and that was something I was looking for!

“I asked Helen if she would consider working part-time for me, alongside her business – and she said yes.”

Helen started at Newport-based Ascendancy as a new Digital Marketing Account Manager in November where she is known by the rest of the team as ‘H’ – to prevent any confusion!

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