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Wace Morgan Solicitors launches online mediation service

A new online family mediation service is being offered in Shropshire and mid Wales by Wace Morgan Solicitors.

Esther Evans, of Wace Morgan Solicitors
Esther Evans, of Wace Morgan Solicitors

The law firm, which has its head office in Shrewsbury, has launched the initiative as part of the national family mediation week from January 17-21.

“Our new service is now available online to help people find out whether mediation could assist them navigate through divorce and find the best way forward for themselves and their families,” said Wace Morgan’s Esther Evans who has worked in mediation for many years.

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“We have outreach posts in Telford, Oswestry, Welshpool, Newtown and Church Stretton but following government guidelines our teams are currently working remotely and providing mediation services online.

“We are able to deliver the same exceptional service remotely and have found that our clients find that online meetings are more convenient and quicker to arrange.”

Family Mediation Week, organised by the national Family Mediators Association, aims to raise awareness of family mediation as an alternative to costly court battles for separating couples.

“Many people thinking about separation or divorce believe that they will inevitably find themselves in court. Relationships between separating parents are sometimes irretrievably broken and all too often their children are caught up in the middle. 

“But it doesn’t have to be that way. Family mediation has helped many divorcing parents build a constructive future for their family, without a court imposing decisions on them, and research shows that mediation is often the best way for families to resolve conflicts.

“It is faster, less costly and, crucially, less adversarial than divorcing through the courts.”

She explained that ‘child inclusive mediation’ was now a required part of the mediation procedure and that she was qualified to provide this service.

“Traditionally children have not been heard in the mediation process but these new guidelines will give them a meaningful voice. I will be on hand to talk to people about what this involves,” she added.

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