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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Shropshire businesses urged to take part in tech-free awareness day

Thousands of employees across the globe will down technology tools for a tech-free awareness day designed to protect mental health and increase productivity.


On the 30 November 2021, the national awareness campaign ‘techtimeout Tuesday’ is back to highlight the impact that too much screen-time can have on mental health and productivity, while promoting the benefits of taking regular breaks.

Hundreds of businesses took part in the inaugural year in 2020 with employees pledging 10 minutes, 1 hour or 1 day to log off – outside of work commitments – and do something they enjoy that doesn’t include notifications and mindless scrolling.

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Founder of the techtimeout initiative, Shropshire business owner Stephanie Henson said:  “As employees spend a vast amount of time on screens – further exacerbated by the pandemic – it’s a crucial time to raise awareness and give them the tools to create healthy habits and set boundaries.

“This campaign provides a simple opportunity to start these conversations as well as encouraging the team to have some fun in the process.”

Businesses already signed up to take part in the challenge include call-service company Moneypenny, communications firm J&PR, accountants Fresh Clarity, manufacturers Tantec and events company Nachural.

The day is being held on November 30th as the antidote to Black Friday and Cyber Monday when the use of tech skyrockets as people head online for deals in the run up to Christmas.

“techtimeout is already proving effective in helping people realise the warning signs to possible addiction that working with technology can bring,” adds Miss Henson.

“We are able to show the benefits of taking a step back, looking at the situation and taking time out to stay healthy.

“Our goal is to help people recognise the risks, understand the implications and then take action to do something about it.”

Through a range of interactive workshop tools and resources, techtimeout works with companies to provide the support needed to introduce better tech habits into their life with positive results.

Miss Henson said: “There are not only benefits for individuals but for businesses as well in terms of a happier, more productive workforce, and we offer the opportunity for businesses who lead the way in company culture and working practices to become techtimeout accredited.”

To get involved in the 2021 campaign sign up here to receive a welcome pack with some useful resources.

You can find out more about the day at https://www.techtimeout.co.uk/techtimeout-tuesday/

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