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Shropshire Festivals’ 10-year-old Apprentice

The daughter of Shropshire Festivals Owners is to have her own stand at the upcoming Shrewsbury Food Festival.

Jessica Heath daughter of Beth and Sid Heath
Jessica Heath daughter of Beth and Sid Heath

Shrewsbury Food Festival, from the award-winning Shropshire Festivals team, returns to the Quarry on September 4 and 5. Owners Beth and Sid Heath have one exhibitor in particular they are excited to see in action – their 10-year-old daughter, Jessica Heath.

Jessica has wanted to get more involved in working at the festivals for some time. Parents Beth and Sid decided to give Jessica and her friends their own stand at the upcoming food festival to help them learn more about running their own business.

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Beth said, “Jessica is really motivated and definitely has our entrepreneurial genes coming through! She often sells homegrown apples at our gate to passers-by, so a fully-fledged fruit stand at the festival was the next step. We came up with the name ‘The Fruit Monsters’ at home, and then Jessica and her friend Georgia designed the logo themselves.

“It will be lovely to have Jessica and her friends at the Shrewsbury Food Festival – they are the next generation of Shropshire Festivals so it’s only right they start getting involved in making festival memories!

“Being a family-run business is really important to our work. It helps us understand what customers of all ages want at our events, and means our kids get to see us hard at work every day, showing them what it takes to make your dreams come true.

“I hope they look back on their first business venture fondly when they’re all millionaires!”

Jessica will be joined by friends Ruby Chapman-Redwood, Eleanor Hosley and Georgia Welsby in running the stand. The 10-year-olds will be selling a selection of fruit from Green Fields Farm Shop to promote healthy eating. Profits from the stand will be donated to The Harry Johnson Trust.

Jessica said, “We are really excited to set-up The Fruit Monsters stand, and we hope lots of people come and buy our fruit to raise lots of money for charity.”

When asked if she will be taking over from Mum, Beth, as Director of Fun at Shropshire Festivals she said, “I think I’d rather be a vet. Running the festival and being in charge of hundreds of people is a really big job and very stressful!”

To purchase discounted tickets for the food festival, buy them online from www.shrewsburyfoodfestival.co.uk.

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