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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Cargo bike delivery trial launches in Ludlow

Islabikes and Ludlow 21 Sustainable Transport Group have launched a cargo bike delivery trial to lower Ludlow’s carbon footprint.

The initial 8-month trial period is free to local businesses
The initial 8-month trial period is free to local businesses

The initial 8-month trial period is free to local businesses wanting to deliver small goods around town.

Cargo bikes have been a COVID-19 success story with towns and cities all over the UK adopting them for a wide variety of uses, including first responders, personal taxis and ‘last mile’ deliveries of goods (where goods are offloaded from much large vehicles to smaller ones for local deliveries).

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They are a sustainable alternative to vans and lorries because they can negotiate narrow roads and lanes where cars and vans are banned or create danger and blockages, require minimal maintenance, are highly economical to run and very easy to park. They are non-polluting in terms of noise and carbon emissions as well as providing healthy exercise for the cyclists.

Matt Baynham, head of sustainability at Islabikes, said: “With more home deliveries than ever, and more vans clogging our streets, we are keen to improve air quality and reduce congestion in our home town.”

If the trial is successful, it is hoped the service will expand and become permanent, whilst providing a template for entrepreneurs in other small towns who are interested in delivering goods by bike.

Businesses keen to offer free delivery to their customers should contact Islabikes on 01584 708 383 for full details. There has already been a lot of interest in the service so get in touch soon.

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