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Jesmonite recruits another three international distributors

A Shropshire company has extended its global reach by signing up three more international distributors – in Italy, Slovakia and India.

Tim Sharman
Tim Sharman

Jesmonite, based in Bishop’s Castle, is rapidly expanding its interests across the world as more people become aware of its environmentally-friendly water based resin which can mimic any material or colour used in architecture, construction, arts and crafts. 

The latest move is part of an ongoing programme to establish an extensive global network for the unique multi-purpose product and follows the announcement in November of four new official distributors in Canada, Greece, Singapore and Korea.

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Tim Sharman, Jesmonite director, said the three latest distributors are BohriAli in India, Globalchimica, in Italy, and Epoxy in Slovakia. 

He said: “We are delighted to welcome three new international distributors to the Jesmonite family – moves which have come about as a direct result of the growing interest in Jesmonite internationally.

“Having a local distributor is a significant benefit to the people who use Jesmonite, reducing costs, improving access to our product and cutting down the time between production and availability to users.”

BohriAli is the first distributor in India and Yusuf Hakim is the fourth generation to run his family business.

He said: “It’s just gone absolutely ballistic! It’s a very exciting time for us. We are creators by hand and we love Jesmonite. We love the product because some of the shortcomings we have with epoxy resin can be totally overcome.

“You can’t use epoxy resin with children and it needs a controlled environment, no matter how safe you make it, it’s never going to be as safe as Jesmonite. We’re also looking at the 3D aspect now, for which Jesmonite offers a lot of opportunities.

“It is an automatic add-on to our portfolio, we have a ready-made audience for Jesmonite and we already sell silicone to make moulds. We are also looking at  bigger Jesmonite projects, making furniture.”

Globalchimica sales manager Massimiliano Nowak had been eager to become a Jesmonite distributor since he first discovered the product more than 20 years ago.

He said: “I first discovered Jesmonite in 1999 and have been working with it since then. I love the art sector in general so now to be able to both work in it and provide products to other artists is very exciting. 

“As well as using Jesmonite myself, I know there is a big client base for it and a lot of people tell me how much they enjoy the material. My clients are sculptors, architects and set designers and a lot of people say the main reason they love Jesmonite is because the products are solvent free and easy to use.

“All the different Jesmonite products are fantastic, they are so simple to use right from the start and safe too. My goal is to continue developing sales thanks to the invaluable help of Jesmonite’s excellent team.”

Family-run Epoxy is Jesmonite’s first distributor in Slovakia and the firm’s Michal Benkovic said: “We mainly sell to architects, sculptors, designers, artists – primarily domestic artists – and wanted to increase the range of products they could work with.

“We discovered Jesmonite and thought it was a great material that more people could make use of so decided to start distributing to Slovakia. Jesmonite is great, mainly because it is easy to work with, harmless to the person using it and environmentally-friendly too.

“Since using it we have found that we can create an unlimited amount of products. Our customers have a huge interest in Jesmonite and we are very excited to be a Jesmonite distributor.”

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