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Engineering expert launches new business

A former aircraft engineer and medical device scientist has launched a new business with the aim of helping customers to solve tricky engineering challenges.

Darren Hodson
Darren Hodson

Darren Hodson is the brains behind DJH Bridgnorth Consulting which will also be developing new devices and enhancing existing products for clients.

A former stress engineer in the aircraft industry, he gained his expertise on a combination of civil and military aircraft, and has also worked as a medical device technical expert and senior engineer and scientist in the pharmaceutical sector.

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“I love the thrill of innovation of using cutting edge predictive scientific methods to design and develop new revolutionary products,” explained Darren, who turned to Bridgnorth-based business consultancy Good2Great for advice on his new venture.

“My new consultancy will provide support for customers in developing and enhancing the robustness of products and manufacturing processes using advanced engineering software, computer-aided analysis and associated design tools.”

Typical customers are small and medium sized engineering firms or consultancies covering a wide range of products.

His new business came about when he took a sabbatical for a year from his career and was approached by a colleague to assist in the development of lifting gear for the steel industry. This project was a huge success and led to further work.

“I enjoyed the thrill of creativity that I had been missing in my previous role so decided to setup my company, enrolling in the Good2Great start-up business course.

“Knowing Good 2 Great have been there each week providing both the eight-week training programme, in addition to a Friday networking hub and detailed advice, has been a huge benefit in so many ways.

“I would encourage all new companies to get off to a start by reaching out to Good2Great,” Darren added.

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