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Chartered financial planner achieves top qualification for work with clients in vulnerable circumstances

A chartered financial planner from Bridgnorth has become one of only a handful in the UK to achieve a top qualification for his work with people who find themselves in vulnerable circumstances.

Robin Melley, of Matrix Capital
Robin Melley, of Matrix Capital

Robin Melley, of Matrix Capital, has been awarded a distinction in the STEP Advanced Certificate in Advising Vulnerable Clients.

STEP – The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners – says there are only a small number of chartered financial planners in the country who have achieved the qualification, which is more generally taken by lawyers.

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“I am so proud to have qualified in this vitally important subject area, and to have achieved a distinction makes this success even sweeter,” said Robin.

“I am determined to raise awareness of financial vulnerability among my fellow professionals, and to start to shift public perception to reassure people that financial planners and financial advisers are a knowledgeable resource who can be trusted as a safe pair of hands.

“Vulnerability relates to a person’s circumstances, so anyone can be vulnerable – ranging from people who have suffered catastrophic brain injury as a result of medical negligence, through to someone suffering emotionally as a result of a divorce or a bereavement.

“It can also be permanent and obvious, or temporary and hidden. Nevertheless, everyone is potentially vulnerable at some point in their lives.

“Across the UK, there’s been a huge increase in the number of people in vulnerable circumstances, including the elderly, being subjected to financial fraud and it’s vital that families receive the very best advice when they need it most.”

The STEP course covered a comprehensive mapping of the legislative, welfare, financial and practical issues surrounding the care and advice provided to vulnerable and elderly clients and their families.

It gives candidates a thorough understanding of the legal and practice framework surrounding the issues of mental and physical incapacity.

“We also covered relevant and topical end-of-life issues such as assisted suicide, particularly the latest legislation covering the subject,” said Robin.

“Now that I have successfully completed the course, I will be putting my knowledge to good use advising clients how to safeguard their future and their assets which is very important given the ageing population we have in this country.”

STEP is the global professional association for practitioners who specialise in family inheritance and succession planning.

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