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Sunday, August 1, 2021

Expeditious Services go against the grain during difficult year

Shrewsbury-based business protection and risk management company Expeditious Services have gone against the grain in what has been a difficult year for many, strengthening the team and resiliently rising to the challenges of the pandemic.

Expeditious Services

On a local level, their head office team has grown by 66% over the 6 months since the start of lockdown. Over the entire company, no redundancies have been made, and only 3 out of 600 UK-wide employees have been put on furlough, an anomaly in the security industry.

As well as employment, the team have successfully adapted services to the ever-changing demands of lockdown, social distancing and COVID regulations across the country. One such service is providing clients with Remote Security Reception (RSR) allowing businesses to maintain high standards of concierge and reception duties, whilst protecting the health and integrity of their business.

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In a moment of reflection, Service Excellence Director, Jason Pope said: “Day to day, we’ve not stopped. It’s only looking back we can appreciate how much we’ve grown and thrived under such challenging circumstances. Each department and individual are feeling a lot stronger than 6 months ago. We’re extremely proud of the resilience we’ve shown as a team.”

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