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Sunday, August 1, 2021

Reception retirement for Morris’ Maria

Reception at Morris Lubricants’ Shrewsbury headquarters will be without a familiar friendly face as Receptionist Maria Buck retires from the company.

Maria is retiring after nearly 21 years at Morris Lubricants
Maria is retiring after nearly 21 years at Morris Lubricants

Maria, who joined Morris Lubricants back in August 1999, has thoroughly enjoyed her time with the company and is looking forward to her well-earned retirement, but admits that leaving the company which has been a big part of her life for so long, will be a sad time.

“Having been with Morris for nearly 21 years, I’ve seen the company adapt to various different demands. Keeping up to date with changes in personnel, new job titles and responsibility has been challenging!” said Maria, “Having a dedicated IT Department that introduced new operating systems has improved the company and ensured a smooth running of operations. I’m grateful that the company has listened to suggestions brought by myself and others to ensure that jobs are made easier.”

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With retirement coming, Maria doesn’t plan on putting her feet up and living a quiet life, as she is looking forward to dedicating her time to making improvements to her house and garden and learning new skills along the way. She also has a passion in restoring retro and vintage items, which will take up some of her time and catching up and reconnecting with old friends from her music background, something which she appreciates Morris Lubricants for supporting during her time with the company.

“The company was always very supportive when I was out singing with my band two nights a week or more, and travelling abroad to perform at various events. The family atmosphere was a breath of fresh air after previously working for a professional organisation – I am really going to miss everyone here!”

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