Besblock driver praised for help at scene of M6 collision

Highways officials have praised the actions of a Shropshire lorry driver who stepped in to help after a traffic accident on the M6 motorway.

Wojciech Nowak who drives for Besblock
Wojciech Nowak who drives for Besblock

Wojciech Nowak who drives for Telford-based concrete block manufacturer Besblock, was driving on the M6 when he spotted officers dealing with a collision between a car and a Polish HGV.

An official for Highways England said the officers on the scene were having difficulty communicating with the driver of the Polish HGV and were delighted when another driver stopped and offered to help.

“Our traffic officers were attending and assisting the drivers, and encountered a few language barriers with regards to the Polish HGV driver, thankfully another driver that just happened to be passing stopped and offered his services as a translator which helped our officers greatly,” added Andrew Wood, National Consistency Manager at Highways England.

“The officers wanted to track down the driver and have asked me to pass on their thanks to both the driver and to his company,” added Mr Wood in a letter to Besblock.

Wojciech, 35, said today he was only too glad to help in any way he could.

“I stopped to see if there was anything I could do and was happy I could be of some help even if just in a small way,” added the father-of-two.

“Sometimes we are all busy and it may seem easier or the best thing to do to just drive on past. But you never know when you might be able to do some good so maybe it is always worth just stopping to ask the question if you can.”

Mr Wood said his officers were really pleased to have tracked down the individual driver to say thank you.

Managing director at Besblock Andrew Huxley said everyone at the firm was encouraged to be community-spirited and that included drivers when they were out on the road.

“Besblock is now almost 50 years old and a number of the staff have been with us for many years. “It helps to foster a strong ethos of helping each out and I am delighted that ethos stays with our staff when they are out on the road.

“I am very proud of Wojciech that he took the time to stop on this occasion and so very glad that it helped.”

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