5 reasons why Shropshire businesses need to advertise online now

The current UK COVID-19 pandemic has left many business owners wondering if advertising is still a necessity?

But now, more than ever, advertising your business is crucial and here are 5 reasons why now is the time to advertise your business online:

Five Reasons To Advertise Now

1 – Public Awareness
Let customers know you are open and what services you are offering, maybe you have had to change the way your business operates or what you sell? Without people knowing what you are doing, they will find it hard to find out.

Customers might be confused about what businesses are open, so this is an important time to interact with them and offer your goods or services, that may have been neglected over the past months.

2 – First Choice
People may know you are there, but why should they buy from you? Advertising lets you push your sales message of what you offer and why you should be their first choice when deciding to make a purchase.

Reassure people if you have premises about what measures you have in place so they can shop safely. Reassuring customers that you are taking important measures to protect their safety will encourage customers to shop with you, rather than other businesses they might be unsure of.

This also applies to businesses offering services or sending products to customers homes.

3 – Reinforcement
Remind people what you do and what you are selling, use your advertising as an opportunity to attract new customers and retain existing customers.

Stay visible ahead of your competitors who may not at the current time be advertising. Show them around your virtual premises or shop and make the buying process easy. Reinforce your sales message of why people need your product or service now.

4 – Opportunity
People are spending more time online, they are changing the way they shop. This creates the perfect opportunity for you to show them how you sell or how you provide your service.

Persuade them to give you a try instead of their normal supplier or retailer. Offer them new products or services that can make their life easier or maybe you offer something that people would consider a treat. People are looking for things that can make them happier during this current climate, so show them how you can help or what you can offer.

5 – Engagement
If you are not able to trade at this current time, use your advertising to remind customers that you are still there and will be happy to help them once your business is open again.

Build customer relationships and keep them informed or just reassure them. Everyone is craving a sense of normality, your product or service could help people regain confidence as the situation progresses.

Think about how your business can use advertising to create the same passion you have to get back to business, so that they will be coming to you as soon as you are ready to get back to business.

Need to Advertise in Shropshire?

If you are a Shropshire business who is ready to start promoting yourself again or if you need an extra advertising boost during this difficult time – Shropshire Live can help!

Shropshire Live offers a range of display advertising options that can fit your advertising needs. If you have never tried online advertising before or are looking for a way to reach around 25,000 readers a week, easily and at minimum cost, then call Fiona today to find out if we could be the right solution for you.

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