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New medieval guide launched in Oswestry

Volunteers from the High Street Heritage Action Zone (HSHAZ) research group have created a self-guided walk through Oswestry, which allows people to learn more about the history of the market town, and its links back to medieval times.

Volunteers from the High Street Heritage Action Zone, Oswestry research group - Tim Malim, Sandy Best, John Pryce-Jones. Photo: Shropshire Council
Volunteers from the High Street Heritage Action Zone, Oswestry research group – Tim Malim, Sandy Best, John Pryce-Jones. Photo: Shropshire Council

The research group forms part of the wider HSHAZ scheme, a regeneration project designed to transform rundown buildings and shopfronts in the market town.

The project is led by the Future Oswestry Group, a partnership comprised of representatives from Shropshire Council, Oswestry Town Council and Oswestry BID (Business Improvement District).

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The group want to raise awareness of Oswestry’s history, so the local community and visitor economy can learn more about the medieval period from which the town was first developed.

John Pryce-Jones, one of the volunteers, said:

“Oswestry has a fascinating and very lively medieval history.

“When walking the streets of the town, some of that history is very much still visible today, in the Castle Bank, English Walls, Welsh Walls, and St Oswald’s Parish Church.

“Some other aspects of history have since become hidden by development, and our hope is that the self-guided walk will provide people with an insight into the town’s medieval past.

“It has been quite a challenge to distil quite a lot of history down into a small leaflet, but we think we have managed it. The leaflet is well laid out, and we hope that people find it useful, and enjoy the walk.”

John and the rest of the group hope to produce a similar leaflet which focuses on the Victorian period in Oswestry later this year.

Dean Carroll, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for growth, regeneration and housing, said:

“We’re very lucky in Shropshire to have such a rich history, and it’s great to see resources such as these being created, to spread the word about how our market towns initially evolved, and how history is very much still a part of our high streets today.

“Summer is on its way, so I recommend people to grab a guide, or view it online, and enjoy this medieval town trail of Oswestry”

Councillor Jay Moore, Oswestry Town Mayor, said:

“Oswestry’s medieval past is fascinating, and this is a great addition to our range of town trails.

“The trail will be enjoyed by residents and visitors, and we’d like to thank all the volunteers from the HSHAZ research group for their hard work putting this together.”

Adele Nightingale, Oswestry BID Manager, said:

“This leaflet is a wonderful addition to the range of town trails that visitors and locals can enjoy, providing fascinating insights into Oswestry’s development during the medieval period.

“A big thank you must go to the HSHAZ Research Group for their expertise and design work”

You can pick up a guide at Oswestry Guildhall, Oswestry Library and Oswestry Tourist Information Centre.

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